Saturday, February 24, 2007


Dr Lee Kum Tatt is giving a talk on technopreneurship. Here are some of his thoughts.


Technopreneur is a new word which cannot be found in the dictionary. My definition is that a technopreneur is one who manages technology ( the application of science) to better our lives and that of our fellowmen.

With this definition I qualify myself to be a technopreneur. So does every member of my audience who are science trained.

We are all technopreneurs as we all know science in one form or another - political and social science, economic science, medical science, engineering science and even domestic science for our housewives.

So everybody is a technopreneur in one form or another as science affects every aspect of our lives especially with IT and the comfort of life that science has brought.

The questions most people want answered are seldom asked of themselves openly. Why did they learn what they are learning ? What do they expect to get ( besides of just being wealthy materially) ? How does one get there? What are the obstacles ( human, bureacractic, finiancial, markets etc) they have to face? How are these to be overcome? How does one do what he likes and not always have to like what one has to do?. How does one become his own boss by finding his way or making one. You are quite good at that yourself.

The title of my address is " Reflections from a Bare Foot Technopreneur". A bare foot technopreneur is one without experience and qualifications and expected to open new frontiers and achieve results. We call these people Pioneers now they have graduated to "Technorpreneurs".

More will be added later.

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