Monday, July 23, 2007

Quote of the Day

On 02 April 07 I posted an article in my block on “How to be Creative”. I discovered that somebody very kindly took out a statement I made and called it “Quote of the Day.”

The quote is “The greatness of a person can only emerge when he has shown his ability to create, passion to pursue, courage to commit and capability to achieve”.

His comments were: Two questions (may be four) that might follow from the quote,

1. Do I want to be great?
2. Do I agree? Does it really have to show? To whom?


It is part of human nature to want to be noticed for what one has done. This does not mean that everyone wants to be “great”. It is also a good practice for any individual or community to show appreciation to those who have contributed or done a good deed. This is part of our culture which we should retain. Much is being done at present in this direction. The question is can we do more? Do we always know how to do what has to be done and to whom. What criteria can we adopt without causing contradictions?

We know that “Some people are born great. Others have greatness thrust upon them.” My quotation describes those who have earned their “greatness” many of whom never worked for this status. These include national awards, professional recognition, community honours etc. In the past “great” men were only recognized posthumously. I like to suggest that more of our unsung heroes who have contributed in whatever field should be acknowledged while they are still alive. This will encourage more people to be creative and contribute for the betterment of our society.

Thanks for the comments.

Lee Kum Tatt

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