Saturday, October 20, 2007

Secrets of Singapore’s Success

Many reports, articles, and books have been written glorifying the success of Singapore. These writings describe how tiny Singapore became great in so many ways to the envy of many, pride for some and embarrassment for others. Many have asked what is the secret to this success. Different people will give you different stories. The fact is that their combined contributions made the difference. This tiny red dot with a multi-racial and multi religious society have been living together in peace and built a city state with a high quality of life. We have made every individual’s action count. We have won our political freedom from the colonial masters. We have gained much ground in our fight against poverty and disease. We must ensure that we do not loose too much of our peace with ourselves, our neighbours and with the world in doing this. This is something we must continue to do now and in the years to come. We can share with the world that progress and peace can exist together in Singapore. If this can be done in Singapore why not in other parts of the world?

I came to Singapore more than 70 years ago as a child.

My husband, Dr. Lee Kum Tatt (LKT) came to Singapore 60 years ago to study in the Raffles College and we stayed here since. Many people helped and guided us. We like to think that we have also done the same to many in return during our life. LKT brought up a number of successful persons in their professions and careers. I have taught many students who are successful citizens of this country. LKT enjoys doing this and is concerned that this public spirit of helping others is being eroded in our fast changing materialistic society where people want rewards before service. He thinks this is a pity. When he was younger he shared his knowledge, experience, time and opportunities with many who are still his friends. He treated them all as his kin.

Now that he is eighty he decided to enjoy life in his golden years. He still has much to share with others. So we have persuaded him to share with us whatever he still has and still can give as part of oral history from the horse’s mouth.. Read the articles in his blog. They represent his personal views, values, experience and knowledge given freely and happily. This is the important part. Take them for whatever they are worth.

Engeline Lee Eng Nio

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