Sunday, February 24, 2008

How To Make People Work in Harmony

We live in a globalize world where whatever one does some other people will be affected in one way or another. Some of the problems we face are so complex that we need more than just a few smart individuals to solve them. Furthermore we also have a multi-racial, multi-religious and multicultural society where progress depends on our ability to live in harmony and peace with each other. Consciously or unknowingly we have acquired some experience and wisdom on how to do that. We will not tolerate any attempts by anyone or groups to upset these arrangements. We will be happy to share our experiences giving case studies and anecdotes to those interested. My husband Dr. Lee Kum Tatt (LKT) has spent 60 years in learning, educating , promoting, building scientific institutions and movements, and helping local technopreneurs to develop. I myself have been involved in education and research and helped my husband in doing what has to be done in his work. We have persuaded LKT to share his experiences with us. Besides adopting the scientific approach LKT believes in applying teamwork, multidisciplinary approach, importance of principles, values, culture and tradition to problem solving. This is something that some have difficulties in doing. LKT has numerous scientific publications and delivered many key note and opening addresses in international and local conferences on the various things he had to do throughout his life. I will try to extract some of these, especially those which we consider still valid, relevant and useful to us today. LKT believes that interests and passion in one’s activities are more important than monetary rewards as is the modern trend. He shares with us how some motivating factors will attract people who are interested and passionate in what has to be done to work with us. Some of the important factors include personal and professional interests, desire to help others and courage to challenge the Status Quo especially during the earlier days.

Mrs. Engeline Lee

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