Friday, June 6, 2008

Farewell to Dr. Lee Kum Tatt

I am very saddened to inform you that Dr. Lee Kum Tatt passed away on Sunday 1 June 2008. When I visited his wake, his daughter showed me a bound book containing the printed version of Kum Tatt's blog. Kum Tatt made a special effort to compile his postings into this book. We will miss Dr. Lee Kum Tatt.


Anonymous said...

I will always remember the advice you gave me and the encouraging words and guidance you gave me.
Even though you have left us physically, we will continue to follow your words. We will always bear you in our hearts and we shall spread your advice and words to those who are in need.
The Pen Is Mightier Then The Sword!
Rest In Peace
Yours truly,
Family member

Tang said...

I am so shocked to learn Dr. Lee's death when I visited his blog in the afternoon. Suddenly I lost a beloved elder and a friend I know for years although I am 20 years younger than Dr. Lee. His gesture and smiles appeared right up in my momory when I was warmly hosted in the dinners, chatting in different subjects, exchange of views... when I visited Singapore in the past years. His left is not only a lost of his family, his freinds and also the Singpore society which he served in his life. There are many more to say but I cannot carry on. Good-bye my friend and Rest in Peace. My deepest condolence to his family members. Tang from Hong Kong 8 June 2008

Roger Smith said...

Hello Kin Lian,

Just to let you know that the NUS Office of Alumni Relations has, with the family's approval, built a tribute web site at this address:

People are very welcome to add their tribute to Dr Lee Kum Tatt on the site.

with best wishes

ronald said...

such memorable doctor doesn't seem to be dead in the minds of others especially when this person really done his part not only leaving good examples but doing great things in the sight of HIS MAKER!

my deepest condolence goes to the bereaved family of Dr. Lee Kum Tatt, let this situation a challenge to do also your part as you live with such philosophy. Yes! some things happen at the wrong time but God has a plan for it!

leekumtattblogspot said...

Thnak you for your condelences and nice comments. I find consolation in reading these kind words posted here.

I appreciate finding out and geeting to know more of the people whose lives he touched. Kum Tatt was active till the end. He was even entertaining the new committee of the Reach Out Volunteers of MINDS in the morning, and driving us out for dinner the night before he left us.

He was always busy with something, and this blog was his pet project. Please leave your comments and ideas here. I am sure he would appreciate it, and would acces it from wherever he is now.

Engeline Lee

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs Lee,

like many, I too am shocked to learn about Dr. Lee's death. And I am almost a month late in doing that =(
It has been slightly more than a year since I first interviewed him at your house, for the 80th Anniversary Brochure of NUSChem. I must say that his wise words, both during the interview and on the blog (I'm a frequent reader before I went for SEP this semester), have touched me, often in raw spots encouraged and urged me to put in more effort for the good of the community around me. I hope his words will live on.

My condolences,
Koh Lin Lin
NUS Chemistry Year 3 student