Monday, April 9, 2007

Inspiration – Human Nuclear Energy

My wife played around with nuclear energy during her working life. As a hospital physicist she tried to save lives. As a university teacher she taught our students the peaceful use of atomic energy. As an honorary consultant to SISIR she used radio isotopes to improve the quality of the processes, services and products of our industries. She discovered a relation between nuclear energy and inspiration, faith and trust and how to use it for our good. I thought some may find this interesting.

Lee Kum Tatt


Inspiration - Human Nuclear Energy

Many has asked me, especially after my last article on this blog, what made me do what I did and where did I get the extra energy from. I think I now have part of the answer which I will share with you. I got the extra energy to do what I did through “Inspiration” - a source of energy which we all possess. We can do so much more if only we know how to tap it.

Nobel Laureate Madam Marie Curie discovered radium and its radio activity in 1898 from an innocent looking piece of ore. This laid the foundation for much of the later research in nuclear physics and chemistry. She won the Nobel prizes twice, once in 1903 with her husband and then 1911 by herself. Nuclear energy is something I worked on in my professional life. Besides the atomic bomb which is destructive, science has discovered many other peaceful uses for nuclear energy. Humans too have their own type of nuclear energy of the mind - “Inspiration” - which we can use to our advantage.

I define “Inspiration” as something that will give extra energy to do “wonders”. Wonders are events that we never expected to happen under normal circumstances. Inspiration is the correct use of the human mind’s energy to do good. It is a combination of Love, Faith and Trust to do good and build up Hope often under trying conditions. The opposite is “Frustration” - a mixture of Hatred, Doubt and Mistrust leading to a state of “Fear and Hopelessness”. Inspiration is constructive and Frustration is destructive. The same source of energy from the mind is being used. It is up to us how to use this energy. Inspiration is not something that cant be easily grasped because it is an abstract matter. Many would ridicule us and argue that there is little one can do with faith, trust or inspiration. My suggestion is try to do without these in your life, then you will appreciate what they can do for you.

I have a great husband and family who inspire me to do things that I would otherwise not have done by myself. I always try to be a source of inspiration to the ones I love and care. These are my Blue Roses, the people I live for. I want them to have fond memories of me long after I am gone.

When I was young I was rather timid and found decision making rather difficult. My crisis years were very tough years for me. Anything could have happened. I could have lost my profession and career. My husband faced many crises in his life. As a survivor he overcame crises without appearing too upset about them. He pioneered quite a number of projects when there was no real need for him to do these projects. He initiated many schemes and built a number of institutions. He was decorated several times by the Singapore Government. The Science Council awarded the prestigious Gold Medal for Applied Research. Many of the professional bodies honoured him by conferring on him their Honorary Fellowships. The local University in its centenary celebrations made him a Distinguished Science Alumni I am most proud when he told me that I was the inspiration behind his work and creations. He faced considerable difficulties in doing some of these projects. Had it not been for an input of inspiration, faith and trust at the right time many of these projects might not have seen the light of day.

Looking back I sometimes marveled at some of the things I did. I helped my husband in building some of the centres of excellence in SISIR. These include the establishment of the Non Destructive Testing (NDT) services and the peaceful application of nuclear energy to industry.

Like nuclear energy the energy that can be derived from inspiration and trust can be very powerful. Someday someone will be able to develop a process where we can harness this energy for the good of mankind and not its destruction through fear and sense of insecurity. In the meanwhile you can tap and use the energy of your own nucleus when you are inspired. You will be surprised what wonders this can do. Who knows another Madam Curie may appear in our midst one day to make the world a better place for all of us to live in. Like to try?

Engeline Lee

9 April 2007

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