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Mind over Matter

26 April 2007

Mind Over Matter

My husband Kum Tatt has more than 66 years of working experience. At one time his life had little or no meaning to him. He overcame that and he became a research worker, head of department and later executive chairmen of a few statutory boards and private companies.

Like all good fathers and grandfathers he wants to spare the family the hardship he has gone through. Hopefully by sharing his experiences and philosophy with us we can enjoy the good part of his life without going through life the hard way. He believes this is a matter of the mind. He has shown us that it works with him.

Engeline Lee.
26 April 2007


A Matter of The Mind

How I wish that there are more people who can guide me to do what I want to do so when I was young. Then I would not have to learn things the hard way. After I became a science graduate I like to do research, gain new knowledge and make the world a better place for all to live in. I must have something to live for. I cannot bear doing routine all the time. This is my character

During the war years I was a factory operator, charcoal seller and a farmer. I just existed and life has little or no meaning to me. I wanted to live a more meaningful life like some people do. I began to ask myself questions: “What can I do” and “How am I to do it.” Soon this became a habit. If I think hard enough and have faith and confidence in myself I will find the answers and the solutions I need. I would falter if I had doubts. This shows that the mind is a very powerful force. If I can use it rightly it can give me the answers and solutions I need.

People do not like to be asked questions even of themselves. As a pioneer I have to start many new ventures where decisions have to be made. It is very difficult to explain to others the “Whys” or to guarantee results without past experience or performance records. These are common occurrences which frustrate many others too. What was I to do to get out of my misery?

1 Give time to gain my boss’ confidence and his trust that my judgment is sound and that I can deliver.

2. Use my talent and develop the skill to convince others that I am right and I am doing it for the common good.

3. Learn to like what I have to do or change my occupation to one that suits me better.

4. Be my own boss where I only have to convince myself.

I know what it is like to be caught in some of these situations. I had opportunities and I also created some myself to do what I wanted to do. Many budding scientists and technopreneurs would like to know how I from a factory operator can become chairmen of statutory boards. I will share some of my experiences in story form with you. You can then do it your way.

Lee Kum Tatt.
26 April 2007

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