Sunday, May 27, 2007

Building a Great Society

Many of us came from “underprivileged” homes. We are grateful for the assistance Providence or Our Society has given us in our time of need. We benefited from our culture where people believed in helping others who were less fortunate than themselves. Many, from different walks of life participated in these activities voluntarily. They gave what they had from their hearts. The society, as a whole, believed and accepted without question the common sayings “Have money give money, have strength give strength.”

This allowed everybody to participate in their own way in building the spirit of a great society which we are proud of. The hordes of common people who have made their contributions to our society in their various ways will know and feel what I am saying and feeling. Many are concerned about the present trend where so much emphasis is placed on money over everything else. They are often insulted when people make them feel that they did what they did because of ulterior motives with monetary returns in mind. The resulting negative effects can be disastrous.

Money is a tool which we can use to do good or evil. It must be used as a means to an end to do things for the good of our fellowmen and not for ourselves alone. Greed is to make money as an end in itself. Our society is a caring society otherwise we would not be what we are today. Building a great society is an ongoing process. Let us keep on strengthening our spirit to build this Great Society by what we do and not destroy what we already have.

My experience in raising money and getting cooperation from numerous parties for some good causes will follow.
Lee Kum Tatt

27 May 2007

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