Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Joys & Rewards of a Science Career

Singapore’s policy to encourage the study and application of Science & Technology since independence has paid off.

The number of students studying science in the schools, polytechnics, and universities has grown many, many fold. Science has become a subject of choice with many students. Our industries have also expanded tremendously thanks to the availability of enough science minded graduates.

Many job opportunities are opened to S & T graduates in both the private and public sector. The question of what type of positions a science graduate can hold is no longer an issue.

The question most S & T graduates ask today is how to find a job that will suit and satisfy their individual likes and needs? This is a very difficult question for any single body to answer as the likes and needs of individuals are so varied.

Many are interested as to how they can climb up their professional and career ladder. What kind of rewards can they expect?

Although many career guidance groups are available and doing a good job there is still need for senior and respected S & T graduates to step forward and share their experiences and personal feelings with the younger generation of S & T graduates. The medical professional bodies are doing this very well for their members.

The other scientific professional bodies can learn from them so that their younger members can benefit from the experience of their seniors as to what to expect from their chosen profession and the career path.

All professions can provide very satisfying rewards. These rewards come in various forms, many of which money cannot buy. If these joys can be expressed by those who have experienced them they can inspire others to follow their examples. This is what we need – more leaders with the right values built on our treasured culture.

I will share my feelings of satisfaction with you on the “rewards” I received as:

(i) a research worker in the laboratories

(ii) a head of department of the hospital laboratories

(iii) as an honorary teacher all my life

(iv) as founder chairman of Singapore Science Council

(v) as founder chairmen of SISIR and Singapore Standards Council

(vi) as an individual.

I like to invite others to join me and share their experience in the application of S & T to inspire the younger generation to join our ranks for the good of our society and Science.

Lee Kum Tatt
1 May 2007

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Anonymous said...

Dr Lee Kum Tatt has always been an inspiration to me and his positive outlook has oftentimes helped me personally through life's rough patches.

Touching lives and making a difference is one of his assets and I am blessed that both Kum Tatt and Engeline have always been there for me.

Thank you dear friends!