Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Importance of Philosophy in Development

Dr Lee Kum Tatt believes that to start anything new and worthwhile one must have a good philosophy to start with especially when one has to work with many other people in the process. This philosophy is required in formulating macro policies from which the changing micro policies with goals and other indicators can be planned and set. How to promote Science and Quality to the people of Singapore is something that Dr. Lee has taken the lead to do in the early days of Singapore’s independence. How to stir up the emotions of the people he served and make them commit passionately to do what has to be done is an art in itself. The promotion and development of science & technology, manpower and quality of our manufacturing & service industries are good examples of what can be done when driven by good philosophy and good leadership.

I must admit that often we could not see where Kum Tatt was heading in the beginning of some of his projects. With time we begin to see the wisdom in what he does. This is one of the reasons why we encourage him to put some of his thoughts and experiences in writing so that others may get something out of it. Take them for whatever they are worth.

Engeline Lee Eng Nio
(Mrs. Lee Kum Tatt)

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ronald said...

as a student of social philosophy, by learning its theories has a great importance in the development of my social status. to know more about my past for me to understand my present situation that could lead me to a better tomorrow.