Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Proposals rejected by Colonial and Bureaucratic Systems

1.Challenge the Status Quo
2. Fight for a change of the evaluating officers or the system
3. Become the approving authority yourself.

Approving officers rejects proposals with glee.

In the early days it is not uncommon to hear complaints that many proposals were often thrown back at the initiators. The above sketch gives a picture of what it was like. Can we blame those more innovative and independent individuals wanting to challenge the status quo of the system, leave the service to become their own bosses or leave the country?.
Those who succeed in research are usually those who trust their staff. The successful researchers are also those who enjoy their bosses’ trust and confidence. They know that their bosses will back them and take responsibility for what they do. It is the usual complain that there is always a shortage of such understanding and responsible people at the top. Most people cover themselves first especially in a bureaucracy. That is the usual complain in many organizations. Also nobody can be expected to trust everybody all the time.
The solutions include :
Get yourself trusted by your boss
Trust your selected few when you are in charge.

Lee Kum Tatt


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