Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Trials and Tribulations of a Scientific Research Career

My husband Dr. Lee Kum Tatt (LKT) has spent his whole life studying , applying and promoting science in our economic, national and educational (S & T) manpower development of Singapore. Through science he has derived lots of fun and joy for himself and us in the family. It is our hope that others have benefited too.

I am a science graduate, an educator and a research worker myself. I know that science and scientific research are very tough occupations to be in especially for a married girl with a family. It can cause a lot of frustrations and gives a lot of stress when things do not go our way. The question is often asked ‘what made LKT continue to do what he did in spite of all the difficulties?

LKT’s answer is that he enjoys what he does. It makes him happy and proud when he succeeds. He learned from his disappointments. Given time some of his difficult projects actually turned into successes. That has been his philosophy. He does not give up and that often frightens us a lot and some others too who have to work with him. Although I cannot do many things I want to do but, I must let LKT do what he enjoys doing.

So I asked LKT to share some of his feelings, in a light manner, on how he let go his steam. Not many can take what LKT has taken with passion and commitment when it comes to science and research. Let us continue to improve our environment further for our own research talents to grow and not lose them to other countries. Read about some of this in the articles that follow.

Mrs. Engeline Lee Eng Nio

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