Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Values of a Good Leader in Science

1. Promote creativity and independent thinking. Create opportunities for budding scientists to achieve their dreams. Question the top down approach.

2. Do not bottle up dissenting views which prevents the truth from being discovered or revealed. In Science accept different views to get to the truth.

3. Do not cheat in your findings, nor be greedy and create benefits only for your self. They will tarnish your image as a good scientist. These will become skeletons in the cupboard after your departure from the scene. Your actions have to be accounted and paid for by your successors and descendents after you are gone. Your reputation which you put in so much effort to build can be destroyed.

4. Develop self control. Do not be selfish as Scientific knowledge and its applications (technology) are for the benefit of all mankind starting with our fellowmen. Share your know how with others and have no part in the misuse of Science & Technology which are against Man’s very existence.

5. Be prepared to accept different views and changes without resentment. Keep politics out of science if we want truth to prevail.

6. Avoid being a Prima Donna. Multidisciplinary approaches need team work which is not easy to build. Share credits with the deserving ones.

7. Do not automatically pass blames to others. Always look for solutions and not scapegoats.

These notes were scribbled on 22 July 1976 by LKT to guide him in his profession, career and life. His success can be attributed to these values which he followed diligently. To him and us the cost has been minimal- the reward very worthwhile and satisfying. LKT got more than he ever dared to dream of when he was young.

.byLee Kum Tatt


sunny flowery said...

Thank you. These are very good tips for anyone who wants to succeed in their career, regardless the field!

leekumtattblogspot said...

Dear Sunny flowery
Having values is important but more important is to live them. Our greatest challenge is to practice what we preach and have courage to behave according to our belief. It's important to check ourselves every now and then.