Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Danger Of Making A Wrong Choice Of Profession.

Many parents and students are attracted by the status and rewards a medical profession brings with it. Few realize the price they have to pay for being a medical doctor.

I have seen many cases of students going cuckoo when they could not take certain aspects of the course. One of the common fears is the fear of morbidity, having to dissect corpses in the first year of the course. Another common fear is the fear of failure in the highly competitive environment. These are real fears which can stress the students very badly. Many students became abnormal and had to give up the course. What a waste and a pity.

The medical practice and a few other professions may be too strenuous and demanding for some people especially the ladies. Our culture and tradition still expect the ladies to look after the children and the home in addition to their numerous other professional duties. Unless this is changed and external help is given from parents and in-laws etc this new trend to get more ladies into certain demanding positions may be too high a price for the girls to pay in terms of their personal and family life. Studying science and doing research for those who have a liking for it can be just as prestigious, rewarding and challenging for ladies to take up. We can expect the Science faculties and polytechnics to have more lady students and graduates in the years to come. The lady scientists with their temperament may turn out to be equal to or even better than Man in this field.

Lee Kum Tatt
12 June 2007.

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