Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Quantitive Determination - reply


I do not know too much about QA techniques used here but was there any problem with usuing ETDA chelation + UV-vis spectrophotometry of some sorts? Or were the amounts too small even for that ?


The incident I referred too happened in 1954. The technology was not as sophisticated then as it is now with modern instrumentation. The problem consisted of three parts:

a. the separation of Lead and Copper ions from the unholy organic mixtures in wine and the high sugar content in it for analysis.

b. the quantitative determination of these elements is from 0 to 1.5 parts per million in wine..

c. the strong urge to do something to improve the method then in use and face the consequences to make the change.

The first part, the isolation of the elements, gave us the greatest problem. I just used an ion exchange resin Zeocarb 226 to absorb the ions from the organic mess. This was new in those days. It was so easy but nobody thought of it or dared to try it.

The second part was not a problem. There were sufficient methods including the ones you mentioned, even in those old days to easily determine the amounts of Lead & Copper present.

The third part is the important point I tried to make. If you dare not think out of the box or overcome obstacles in your way, you will be stuck.

Again this is another incident where we can use our Mind, which I believe is a force , to do simple things which can lead to bigger things to come.

Lee Kum Tatt

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