Sunday, June 17, 2007

Look for Solutions Not Scapegoats

To Say Sorry Is A Sign Of Strength
And Not Weakness

It is so easy to point fingers at others. It is so difficult for many to say sorry even though they have made obvious mistakes.

Many feel that saying sorry is an admission of guilt. In our present day world, one can be sued for saying sorry too readily. Even children nowadays find it difficult to say the word “sorry” to their parents and siblings for being naughty or fighting among themselves. How did we reach this stage which is changing the culture and basic values of our society?

Some people are good at acquiring authority whilst avoiding responsibilities. These people set bad examples for others to follow. It is so refreshing to meet individuals who can say “sorry” and take responsibilities for what they have done. This has prevented small misunderstandings from blowing up into big ones.

This was how I was brought up. We must be responsible for what we do. I live by his philosophy. Be sincere, then people will act likewise to you. In this way I enjoy the confidence, trust and faith from the people I work with. Because of this I have peace of mind. I made many trusted friends without whom I could not have done many of the things I did. We used our combined energy to find solutions and not waste it in looking for scapegoats. Let us help to stop our society from sliding into the “Kiasu” ( fear of loosing) slope of no return for our society. The world will be such a better place to live in.

I like to share a cartoon which I asked my staff, the late Mr. Tan Huey Peng to make when I was chairman of SISIR in 1969. It hanged on my office wall then and now it is hanging in my home. It reminds me what I must do.

Lee Kum Tatt
16 June 2007

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